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SourceExcellence (self-employed) is a small general consulting company with a primary focus on Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Sourcing, Contracting, Contract- & Vendor Management on strategic en tactical level. The secondary focus is Changemanagement, Program Management, Transition and Reorganization; to improve processes and lead these projects. I help clients to maximize the return on investment in their business. I am an advisor and consultant focused on your business and your needs. SourceExcellence has a clear and unequivocal mission: to help companies and corporations at all levels gain and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profound, tangible results for their clients. Whether the focus is on strategy or operations or organizational changes. SourceExcellence is committed to helping clients improve their products and services, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics. SourceExcellence is consulting firm whose mission is to help create and sustain competitive advantage. I assist clients in finding insight and innovation and look to the future of leading-edge strategic thinking. Source Excellence can find the methodology to unlocking growth in an organization involves diagnosing and addressing multiple factors that don't fit neatly into any one functional area or management discipline Today more than ever before, business success is based on highly interconnected relationships. We recognize that our firm’s values and culture have a direct impact on the results we deliver. Contactpersoon: Peter Soetevent Contactgegevens: SourceExcellence Draagsteen 8 9521 PE BORGER Tel: 06 217 006 83

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